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Kapolei Elementary School
91-1119 Kama'aha Loop
Kapolei, Hawaii U.S.A. 96707

Office hours: 7:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Telephone: (808) 693-7000
Facsimile: (808) 693-7011

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News and Events

Upcoming Events

Here's some of the events that will be coming up soon.

School Holidays

  • October 11  Teacher Institute Day
  • November 2   Election Day
  • November 11 Veteran's Day
  • November 25 - 26 Thanksgiving

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Special School Events
  • October 12   Book Fair to 10/21
  • October 27  PCNC Coffee Hour
  • November 3 Read Aloud Yellow & Blue
  • November 10 Read Aloud  Red & Green

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What was your favorite summer movie?
Spider-Man 2
Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow
Shrek 2
Harry Potter & the prisoner of Azkaban

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Kapolei Student A Rising Star

When it comes to talent one doesn't need to look far at Kapolei Elementary. Jana Souza at the Perry & Price Show.One such example is singing/acting sensation Jana Souza. Jana has had the singing "bug" since she was "just a kid" of seven. Now, at the ripe old age of eleven, Jana has earned numerous honors for her many talents. To see what we mean, check out this article at the HuiMusic News. Way to go Jana!

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Tech Fun Run Big Success

Runner graphic.Our annual Tech Fun Run was a major success. The first run took place on February 26th and finished up just before the big rains came that day. Whew! We just made it! The second run, for blue track was on March 18th and we could not have asked for a better day. Major mahalos go out to all of the hard working students, teachers, parents and volunteers. They are the only reason that the runs were so successful. We've managed to raise over $16,000.00 to help us add cutting edge technologies to our classrooms and campus.

Fun Corner

Here's something kind of weird but fun. Check out the Human Clock . Maybe you can submit a picture and help the Internet stay on time!

Here's a neat link that leads to a cool game. Ever play Oregon Trail? Well, this game is kind of similar. You'll join Lewis and Clark on their famous journey through the western frontier. Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark!

Learn about the fascinating world of Polynesian tattooing at this site. Check out  Skin Stories: The Art and Culture of Polynesian Tattoo.

So, you think you'd make a good business person, huh? Well, just try your skills out with this online game. See if a Lemonade Stand is your ticket to riches.

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